Client Resources

We’re here to help you deploy your new solution and follow best practices for success.

Best Practices

Learn how to leverage 4PC services to better optimize your patient outreach.


E-Newsletters and E-Blasts

Keep your patients informed as circumstances change. We can help your practice follow best practices as you develop and deploy content.


Patient Registration Forms

Ask patients to submit specific information ahead of time to minimize their time spent in the waiting room. Send registration requests via email after booking or post the link online.



Please review the content of your pre-appointment messaging. Ask our support team to restart any suspended services according to your reopening date.


Product Pick-Up

We recommend you change the content of any product pick-up messaging. Use our two-way texting feature to facilitate a no-contact delivery or curbside pick-up protocol.



We recommend you tweak the content of your recall messaging. We also recommend you run your recall campaign before the first of the month to recapture patients if you previously suspended recalls.



We suggest you adjust the content of your reminder messaging. Contact our support team to enable any suspended services based on your reopening date.


Web Scheduler

Please check your online calendar and block out availability until your reopening date. Contact our team to change appointment types, length, or frequency.


Curbside Check-In

With our two-way texting feature, patients can text from their car upon arrival and staff can use the dashboard to reply and allow entry.


Pre-Appointment Screening Questions

Include screening questions at every pre-appointment touchpoint to ensure patients don’t make or attend an appointment if they have COVID-19 symptoms or exposure.


Telehealth Communications

Please update your appointment reminder and pre-appointment messaging to include telehealth provider links as appropriate.

Additional Resources

No matter your question, we want to make sure it’s answered.


Frequently Asked Questions

Launching our solutions for the first time? Our FAQs explain essential best practices to get you started.


Security and Privacy

Our solutions include multiple security measures designed to ensure patient privacy and maintain compliance with healthcare regulations.


System Integrations

Find out if our solutions will integrate with your current PMS. If you don’t see yours listed , please ask — we will do our best to find a solution.